May 13, 2013

Squidboy, Fem Link, and Sculpts

Eww, 6 months without an update. Well there hasn't been much that I could post anyway, but hopefully I'll be squeezing out more personal art between work. I've been playing more in ZBrush trying to relearn the interface, now I just need to learn to push the forms more. I've also got a fem Link design inspired by some of the older, simpler Zelda artwork. And also a low poly model of a squid boy concept by Madzia! You can check out more of her awesome work here! Over here! Right there!


  1. awesome. your squid boy model is so appealing. how did you achieve that alias effect in the turnaround?

    1. Cool, glad you like him. He was particularly fun to work on. The jaggies in the turn around are easily achieved by turning off any kind of anti-aliasing and texture filtering in the render settings (in 3dsmax you can find them in the Render Setup Window > Renderer Tab).